Your Heart & Your Nervous System

We all know how important it is to take care of our spine and our nervous system, but how does it all tie in with our heart? 

Your heart rate variability has been proven to give a real-time accurate depiction of the status of your nervous system.  Several studies have shown that individuals with heart disease have reduced parasympathetic nerve activity of over one-third!

Your nervous system, linked to every aspect of your health, is controlled by your brain and it even senses internal and external environments.  That’s right—your nervous system adjusts the functioning of your muscles and organs in accordance with the things happening inside and outside your body. And an unhealthy nervous system is definitely unhealthy for your heart.

Keep it all in check.  Since research now shows that heart disease is directly linked to deficiencies in the nervous system, it’s critical to nurture and protect this system.  How?  By nurturing and protecting yourself!  Take care of your spine, get adjustments when needed, and stay on top of your evaluations.  A happy spine, heart, and nervous system will definitely create a happier and healthier YOU!


Dr. Bilal Adhami
NSA Chiropractor