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SRI: A practical self help method to speed up your progress with NSA

  • Body Mind Empowerment Centre 5/5 Hall Street Lyneham, ACT, 2602 Australia (map)

Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) Workshop: At this workshop, you will learn an exercise that will develop better connectivity on the front side of your body. This is a simple yet effective technique that you can do for just 3 to 6 minutes a day. SRI will help your body respond more quickly to the Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) techniques that I am teaching your spine and body.

One of the goals of NSA is for your spine and body to be more connected. As you progress in care and your body responds more noticeably, it will be easier for you to notice the new relationships that different parts of your body develop. For example, I will be able to touch one part of your body and you'll feel an immediate response in another part as if they are “talking” to each other. In effect, that's exactly what is happening. The result of these enhanced “relationships” is better communication from your brain to the cells of your body and back to the brain as well as direct cell-to-cell communication.

Large sections of biology and physiology textbooks are now devoted to the importance of communication networks in the body. My understanding from that information and from my clinical experience is that the distortion of these communication mechanisms causes many of our ailments and diminishes our full experience of well being.

I hope you'll consider sharing my goal which is not just to be without pain (which can be achieved with medications), but rather, to seek a state of optimal function where increased mobility, flexibility, strength and vitality are a daily occurrence. These are the pearls of life that allow greater activity, joy, satisfaction and fulfillment.

Reach your goals sooner

There is a huge difference between just getting by, accepting limitations & restrictions compared to living to your optimum with enduring vitality as well as freedom of mind, body, and spirit. Whatever your goals, with this workshop you can...

save time, save money, progress faster

By attending this workshop you'll likely progress faster. That means you can reduce the frequency of visits to the office sooner while still making progress. The SRI workshop is one more positive step in your journey to the state of optimal well being. I hope you join me. Most people find it even more helpful than they imagined it would be.
You will benefit by attending several sessions but even if you just do one, you'll be shown some great tools to support your progress toward greater “body sense” which is the connectivity between different parts of your body.

Please Note: The workshop will be at approx. 30 minutes long and the fee is $45 per person. Please pay in advance so we don't spend workshop time dealing with money. There are only a very few places at session so please book early. Presented by Doctors Jason Barritt and Bilal Adhami, NSA Chiropractors.

Network Spinal Analysis

There will be time to answer questions. We will also discuss tips to help you in your progress. The workshop will take 30 minutes. You are welcome to leave whenever you wish but please arrive on time. You may attend more than one workshop. There are limited places at each workshop. This workshop is primarily open to practice members who currently receive or have recently been receiving NSA. Others are also welcome.

The How What Why Workshop is an opportunity to get your questions answered. You'll also hear answers to other people's FAQs. For example:

- What happens during an entrainment session?
- Why do we use the word “entrainment”?
- How does this work to make me healthier?
- Why do I feel....... ?
- Why are some sessions shorter than others?

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